Bethel Worship


There is nothing better to build our lives or ministry on than the gospel. The perfect life, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection of Jesus will be proclaimed in our gatherings and will inform how we live and serve.


Psalm 96:8 says to "Ascribe to the Lord the glory due to His Name." How much glory is due the name of Jesus? Unending glory. So, we put all we have into facilitating powerful gatherings that allow people to fully engage in worship.


We are striving to grow more in love with Jesus, one another, and in our expression of that love through worship, service, and mission.


Who We Are

We are ordinary people who have been called to the extraordinary task of creating environments where His people can respond to the glory of Jesus in powerful times of worship.

You called me out of the grave
You called me into the light
You called my name and then my heart came alive
Your love is greater
Your love is stronger
Your love awakens
Awakens me
— Your Love Awakens Me - Phil Wickham

This Week's Songs


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